MADLink.NET Downloads from Morris & Dickson

Both MADLink programs below will install under the currently logged on Windows user, and do not require Administrator permissions.

MADLink.NET is the main program. It requires a web portal login account.

MADLink Data Updater runs in the background, in the system tray. It keeps item inventory, costs and quantities up to date. It is normally installed automatically by MADLink.NET, and should not require a separate install.

If you have trouble with Antivirus programs, you can exclude their folders from scanning.

MADLink.NET runs from here:
C:\Users\[your Windows username]\AppData\Local\Programs\MADLink.NET\MadLink.exe

MADLink Data Updater runs from here:
C:\Users\[your Windows username]\AppData\Local\Programs\MADLink Data Updater\MadLinkDataUpdater.exe